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New Beautiful No.1 Neapolitan Cake



Celebrate your loved ones with the New Beautiful No.1 Neapolitan Cake printed chocolate moist and vanilla sponge, filling with creamy salted caramel and chopped honey roasted almond topped with vanilla sponge cake. The beautiful printed Vanilla cake is adorable and delicious. Everyone loves it! Best for parties, afternoon tea or gifts!

  • New Beautiful No.1 Neapolitan Cake
  • Cake-flavoured chocolate, strawberry and premium vanilla layered with chocolate and strawberry filling. So fragrant and moist.
  • Cake size 13cm x 14cm x 4cm
  • Free print on the cake
  • Prints from edible rice paper.
  • Baked fresh every day.
  • Best served at room temperature within 4 days and refrigerated within one month.
  • Packed in a high-quality box.
  • Delivered directly to your door via JNT courier.


Time Available Order/ Masa Sedia Pesanan
  • Pre-Order 7 days earlier/ Tempahan 7 hari sebelum
  • OFF Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday/ Tutup Sabtu, Ahad & Cuti Umum
Ingredients/ Bahan-bahan
  • Flour, palm oil, premium vanila, chocolate, strawberry, sugar, egg/Tepung gandum, minyak kelapa, gula, telur, premium vanilla, coklat dan strawberry
  • Only Halal ingredient used/ Hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan Halal
Food Serving/ Penyediaan Makanan
  •  Chilled or Room Temperature/Simpan sejuk atau dalam suhu bilik
  •  Avoid direct sunlight or humid environment/ Elakkan cahaya matahari secara langsung atau kawasan lembap.
Allergens/ Alergik
  • Wheat, Egg/Gandum, Telur
Delivery Rider

Courier: JNT Express

Cost: RM10.00 (Semenanjung Malaysia)

Area: Semenanjung Malaysia & Sabah Sarawak

Walk-in/Self-Pick Up
  • Currently available for delivery/Sedia untuk penghantaran

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 13 × 14 × 4 cm


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